Advertising / MR / PR / Events

Advertising and media play a vital role in life cycle of each company or business at one time or the other. With growing market competition need for advertising and involvement of media have both increased many folds. While this sector helps promotion and progress of other sectors, they themselves seek energetic, creative, talented and passionate workers to take this industry further and faster.

Advertising and media might look like a glamorous field but involves loads of technical knowledge, hard core creativity and innovative mind set along with the knowledge of major aspects of mass communication. All this is present in the pool and more is being added daily, but the task remains to identify the best of lot and ensure their availability at the right positions for the suited role at the required time. For all this, SUPER targets its staff to make out recruitments processes through which we could first identify and completely understand needs of our clients from this industry and secondly work out streamlined procedures to satisfy their staffing needs effectively and timely.

As the industry is growing it's throwing open doors for employment and huge opportunities of growth. But with this growth a major challenge that exists is of recruitment. A wrong candidate can actually affect the reputation of the company while a right one can add new wings of success. Thus, SUPER with its recruitment expert team collaborates all its efforts and resources to ensure proper mapping and profiling of only those fitting rightly into various roles, as desired by our clients.