Consumer Durables / Electronics

onsumer service and retail companies like Nestle, Wipro, Future Group, ITC, GSK, Wrigley and many more like these have been serving our country and its people for over decades. Many Indian companies have even made remarkable presence in international industry as well. All of this points out the current success and prospective growth of consumer and retail industries in time to come. Estimates say the share of such industries would increase to four times its current value by 2025. Private Equities and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) is another face of this industry which has come to limelight in last few years.

All the happenings of the industry and upcoming changes in the industry bring along a package of responsibilities and challenges for personnel and employees of all companies in this sector. Like each other sector, hoards of talent is required to keep up the positive rapport but it is not just mere talent but right skills used at right time and with right authority. You ask us and we have a recruitment solution for you; this our answer to every consumer and retail company who approaches us. With experience we are now confident of our knowledge and in-depth understanding of roles of employees of different levels.

SUPER with its dedicated staff is all set to offer brilliantly smooth, effective and efficient processes to accomplish recruitment needs of our consumer services and retail clients. Our processes are targeted and flexible at the same time thus we serve all needs from fishing out a higher volume of candidates for training projects or sales team or searching for most suitable match for high end jobs and roles like that of quality head, branch or region head, company CXO etc.